Why do I need sponsorship?

Sponsorship is one of the most important features of motorsport. In order for Simon to progress in his racing career and advance into Formula 4 or British GT4, he will need several sponsors to help him out.

Currently, although subject to change according to sponsorship progress, Simon is aiming to secure a seat in the Formula 4 2020 Championship mid-season, if not entirely. However, entering Formula 4 requires a lot of financial support form individuals and businesses.

In order for Simon to complete a Formula 4 test day, he will need £7,000. This is what Simon is currently seeking sponsorship for. If he is successful in completing the required test days, he will need at least £250,000 to enter the British F4 Championship for one year. Of course, this would require many sponsors providing smaller amounts of money.

If you are interested in sponsoring Simon (and any financial help is welcome, no matter the amount), or know of anybody or any companies who may be interested, please do be in touch. Feel free to read below, which shows exactly what we have to offer. Sponsorship agreements, as decided by yourselves, can be entirely bespoke or can follow a package template.

What do I have to offer?

Below you can find the various things which are up for grabs if you decide to sponsor Simon and his racing career. These can be discussed and negotiated. If you'd prefer to follow a set group of promotions in return for your sponsorship, make sure you also check out our sponsorship packages which can be found here.

Race Suit Branding

Race Wear Branding

Kart Branding

PR Days

Future Car Branding

Helmet Branding

Online Promotions

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