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Successful Senior X30 Debut for Stoneham

Earlier on this month, Stoneham debuted within the Senior X30 category with, yet again, flying colours. Satisfied with his achievements - having just finished his first Senior races - Stoneham walked away from the track with a warm smile upon his face.

After many years in Junior X30, Stoneham has finally taken the leap into the Senior category, racing faster than ever before. Confident in his abilities, he took his first race weekend in his stride. This month, the race day consisted was a 3-lap warm-up session, two seven-minute heats and then a ten-minute final to follow.

This month Simon was heavily focused on finding any faults and improving his skills further, having his team leader and others around him explain any points of weakness in order for him to work on these and pick up his speed.

Stoneham took to Senior X30 like a duck to water, describing it as "much smoother and easier to drive" and he also claimed that it suited his driving style significantly better, providing him with a good basis to improve upon for the remainder of 2019 and to push for some quality results.

RACE 1:Simon began his race in 6th place, and dropped back to 10th in the first lap, although he managed to pick back up to 7th place, showing an impressive pace, especially during his first Senior heat.

RACE 2:Beginning in 8th place, Stoneham kept a consistent pace, maintaining position throughout the race. He spent the majority of the race following the leading pack but was unable to catch up in the time that he had.

FINAL: Stoneham started in 9th, after a poor start causing him to drop back to 12th place, but he worked toward a strong recovery with a fast and faithful pace, coming back to finish in 9th place again with a satisfying end to the weekend.

Triumphant, Simon looks forward to the February round of HKRC, with high hopes to improve his skills as a racer.

"Great overall weekend - we've shown potential to have a great season and to improve throughout the year. I'm happy with the result, coming away with a top ten finish in my first race, but there is certainly room for improvement heading into next month and the remainder of 2019. Thank you for all of the love and support."
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