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Stoneham Awarded YRDA Achievement Award 2018

"I’m truly honoured and lost for words regarding the award that I have received. To be unanimously voted for such a prestigious trophy and to be the first to ever receive this award, is, honestly, a dream come true.

Racing hasn’t always been easy for me, and I’ve struggled with my confidence. I really feel as though this opportunity has been gifted to me by YRDA and Arden Motorsport and it could change my life and allow me to pursue my dream of a professional racing career. The confidence and mental boost this will give me is phenomenal.

This award has been given to me as my talent and conduct on and off of the circuit has been noticed and commended. Due to this, the award provides me with the chance to explore the Arden factory with a VIP tour, and spend time with the management and leaders of YRDA and Arden. I am then going to be given the chance to try out their single seater race simulator!

Considering we run on such a low budget for our racing, it is great to see that my talent and passion for racing is apparent and noticed by some of the most prestigious teams within motorsport. I absolutely cannot wait for the factory tour nor the opportunity to drive one of the best Formula 4 simulators there is around.

If it were not for all of the love and support that I have been blessed with, I would not be where I am now.

I would like to thank all of the officials at HKRC, a huge thank you to my dad for the continuous support and always doing his best on the spanners, my grandad for sacrificing a large amount of his love and time to allow me to follow my ambitions, Jack Dex for the help and tuition over the past three years, helping me to become a fast and capable driver, my amazing girlfriend for coming along and supporting me in all kinds of miserable weather, to Jonny Cochran for taking me under his wing throughout my journey from day one, Gary for presenting me with the award and spending time with both my family and I and sharing his hopes for my racing career - and finally - to the entire racing community for providing me with the most amazing and beautiful sport of all.

Thank you for everything."

Stoneham on the podium after collecting his magnificent trophy

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